Two player endless co-op game where the players need to co-ordinates their input in order to avoid crashing with the other cars.


- Speeding up and slowing down will only affect the overall speed and the score gain of the game.

- This game was made in the span of 4 weeks for a school project, it is not polished.

- The idea of having cats flew out of the window during development, but the title remained as a memory of what it could've been.


R - Reset

Player 1 - Left Panel

W - A - S - D 

Player 2 - Right Panel

Up Arrow - Left Arrow - Right Arrow - Down Arrow


The Team

Samir Aoun                       Programmer, Game Designer

Robert Drury                   Programmer, Game Designer

Robert Sahlqvist            Programmer, Game Designer

Irja Vuorela                       Programmer, Game Designer


  • Unity3D Game Engine

Contact Information

Install instructions

Download zip file, unzip the file and click on the Executable file to play!


Taxi Cat - PC 26 MB

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